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Payment and shipping
requirements information.

Hello, if you are reading this page it means you are contemplating buying a
puppy from us, thank you.
The first thing you should know is, WE ARE NOT SCAMMERS!

We have been breeding darling, healthy Pomeranian's for a little over 20 years
and I am not here, on the net to waste my time or yours or to soil our good
kennel name by taking someones money and not sending a new owner their
puppy/dog. We WANT you to have one of our little darlings, to bring you love,
joy, and happiness; That's why we do what we do!!
This is an affair of the heart for us, and there is not a whole lot better than the
excited voice of a happy puppy owner on the other end of the line!

The puppy you buy is the puppy you WILL get!
WE don't puppy swap and send you a cheaper puppy!
You get exactly the puppy you see in the pictures, of course they are all little
dolls, but we want to make the perfect love connection for you and the puppy!
We do not ship puppies under 10 weeks old or puppies under 2 lbs.
If your puppy is tiny you may have to wait a couple weeks until it is safe for
them to fly! We want you to receive a happy healthy baby, and we want our
babies to be ready physically and emotionally to fly!

In order to get your puppy to you and make flight arrangements, we will need
some personal information from you. We will need your full name, your
complete current home address, a working contact number and the nearest
international airport that accepts the airlines we use
that you would want your puppy shipped in to.
We also need, a specific day that is good for you to pick them up.
I try very hard to make sure your puppy comes in on a day and time that is
convenient for you. I suggest that you have some time to spend with your new
puppy.... 2 or 3 days to bond, when you get him or her.
Late arrivals are common for coast to coast shipping and even on some instate
flight. We are on the west coast so eastern flight arrivals are usually very
late.............Sundays are not an option.

Keep in mind, we only have one of every puppy you see on my web site. We are
not a mass breeders and do not always have puppies available.
What we do have here, are darling, healthy, quality dogs/puppies,
with an outstanding guarantee, so we get many inquiries.
I am not Solomon and I cannot split a puppy in two, therefor,
The person who is best qualified, diligent and on the ball and has good
communication skills, and gets the deposit or payment to me in a timely
manner, is the person who will get the puppy.
We ask for serious inquiries only please!
We never try to rush a decision to purchase a puppy, but in truth, we very
small hobby breeders of excellent quality Pomeranians, and we only have so
many little dolls to offer. My goal is to find the best home possible for my
babies, so if a person is on the ball I figure they will be on the ball with the
care they provide for one of my babies later in their lives.
This is not a typical scenerio, but it has happened and this is the only fair way
I can conclude to decide who will get the puppy.
Once we have agreed to sell you a puppy, we will wait for 5 business days to
receive the contract and monies and that puppy will be placed on hold.
Lack of communication is not acceptable, and I appreciate good
communication when you are buying a puppy from me.
One week in a puppy's life is essential to bonding, training and settling in,
so if we don't hear from you for 7 days after you have placed a deposit,
your puppy will be put back up for sale.
When we talk to you by phone, and agree to sell you the puppy, once you have
sent the money for that puppy, your name will be placed on that puppy's
picture on my website and on any ads I have running, and that puppy will be
on "hold" for you, until your designated pick up date or flight date.
NOTE:  Buyers of puppies that need to be held due to weather condition
delays, will not be held responsible for any kenneling fees for a reasonable
time period.......two weeks to one month.

Should you decide you do not want that puppy, your deposit is non refundable
but can be applied to another one of our puppies within one fiscal year.
After that you will lose your deposit.


We ONLY accept:
U.S. Postal money orders, well known bank cashiers checks or
we do accept Money Orders from well known banks only.
Western Union and Money Gram are also accepted.

Once money has been sent for the puppy you have chosen,
please email us and include a tracking number and the
number of the money order or cashiers check and the
amount sent. I will send you an online receipt for the
amount you have sent when it arrives, whether it be a
deposit or payment in full.
*You will see on your receipt, what amount is designated
for the puppy itself, the deposit and balance and for the
shipping charges if they apply.*

We do NOT do direct deposit, sorry.
We also do not accept paypal, sorry.  I feel that if you have not saved your
money and been diligent, you probably are not ready for the cost of a puppy
once you get them home. I too have to save my pennies for what I want!
Puppies need to continue  on their vaccinations and worming schedule, and
need general canine care, including, quality food, training, treats, beds
toys....oh and don't forget the puppy pen! It may save your puppy's life
and a few pairs of spendy shoes and your carpet too!!

We only want outstanding, responsible owners for our babies.
We are not dog "snobs" at all, but we brought these babies into the world and
we want them to have happy, healthy lives in the best homes possible!
We care very much about our babies, where they go and how their lives will be
after they leave here. My babies are not a commodity! We do not sell to
brokers, puppy mills or any type of pet store or retailers of dogs/animals!

We only use Continental, Delta, American or Alaska air so please be sure the
airport name you give us is able to receive the puppy on one of the above
airlines.  You will receive a health record and food with your puppy.
General shipping for a puppy and kennel under 10 lbs is $325.00 to $370.00.
Sorry, but we had to raise our shipping $325.00,
as the airlines and my vet costs all went up this year.
Other airlines and Canadian shipping may be more. Please check your local
status to see how much shipping will be for your puppy.
Regular shipping with in the USA,
includes your airfare, health certificate and a nice heavy duty kennel.
I do not make any money on shipping, health certificates are about 45 dollars
and good sturdy well made kennels are between $40.00 and $55.oo dollars.
I will NOT ship my babies in cheap crates!
Depending on what airlines we use, some do not allow their toys to be sent
with them. We apologize for this inconvenience.
( I do sneak lil' small one in the kennel sometimes tho! )

If you would like to fly in to pick up your puppy, we are all for it!
Come see our dogs and our kennel and meet me too,
or you can do pick up at the airport! I will also fly in to your city (round trip)
to deliver your baby at your expense if you want your puppy
to go in cabin and don't have time to fly.
YOU MUST call me for details on flying in to get your baby,
or having me fly in to deliver him or her!!

WE do NOT offer ground shipping for puppies or adults.
Flying is the shortest and least stressful way to ship puppies in my opinion.
They do not have flight anxiety like we do and usually sleep the entire flight.
We think that by being transported by ground, our babies can be exposed to
too many illness from dogs from other kennels.  To my experience, from what
I have seen with other breeders, the journey is too lengthy and stressful.
One trip took 11 days to get the dogs where they were going and they were
dirty, and stressed when they arrived! One of the females had even gone into
heat and gotten bred because they were all in together and the shipper had
not even noticed and separated them!!!
These were adults, can you imagine what could happen with a puppy?
My  concerns would be, how would they know if the puppy is sick or needs
attention if they are driving for hours or even days? What would they do, and
how would they know if the puppy was ill or hypoglycemic if they are in the
back of a trailer and they are in the nice warm cab of a van or truck? Where
would they take the puppy/dog, should it needed vet care and they were miles
away from a vet? It takes days not hours to ground ship, weather delays can
really hamper these operations and we just don't see this as a sensible way to
ship toy breed dogs, of ANY age.....
We feel it is so much safer to ship by air.

If you have any further questions,  please contact Lisa by phone at:
760-953-5122  Cell
760-947-7416   Home