Hello my name is Lisa  Wilson, and introducing my
sons, Justin and Tyler Wilson and my husband Kevin
Wilson, who are also very involved with our dogs. I
am so lucky to have my husband who not only
supports me in my endeavor with the Poms, but loves
the dogs and all animals as much as I do!
Dogs in our home are a family affair. We all love them
all very much and they are part of our family.
We do not breed our Pit Bulls because there are
enough on this planet already but this does not mean
that we don't believe there are not great breeders of
this wonderful breed out there that we support 110%

NOW, Back to the Poms, the fuzzy loves of my life!
Me, I am the proud owner of a very small hobby
kennel called Heart To Heart  Poms, we are located in
beautiful, sunny, Southern California. We have no
fleas, no ticks and no mosquito's here where I am so
you never have to worry about getting a puppy with
creepy crawly bugs, heart worms
or even tapeworms from us!
I am a groomer by trade so I have seen and handled
all kinds and different types of breeds of dogs and
cats, and a few wild critters too!!
I have always loved animals!
Pomeranian's were always one of my favorite breeds
to groom, they were always pleasant, sweet natured
& always had a kiss to offer. Being a groomer by
trade, I met many Pom's in the tub before I had the
pleasure of owning one. I mean how can you not love
a sweet little dog, who gives you kisses when they
were full of suds?
I got my first Pomeranian from my Aunt Linda, who
always had Pom's since I can remember. She was not
a  show Pom, but she showed me just what a Pom
could do! I had owned Pit Bulls and Shar Pie's at the
time and thought it would be kind of novel to have a
little tiny fluffy fufu dog. Most Pomeranian's are little
and prissy, but this was not the case with Priscilla!!
She was a smart, fluffy, bundle of energy who thought
she was a Rottie. At all of 6.3 lbs, Priscilla ran the
house and the big dogs! She took no guff from anyone!
I fell in love with Pricilla's beauty, charm, and antics,
so here we are many years later totally in LOVE with
this charming, intelligent and adorable breed.

I am a color breeder and my first love is color, but I
never lose sight of striving for excellence in
structure, health and soundness and quality in my
exotic colored AKC Pomeranian breeding program. I
learned that beautiful does not equal soundness, so
we brought a few lovely orange dogs into our
program and we have had beautifully colored and
structured dogs ever since!


I breed for quality not quantity.
My breeding are planned when I search to BUY my
dogs, as to pedigree compatibility, health and  
soundness of their lines. 30 years experience has
taught me to do my homework to insure that my dogs
do NOT have congenital issues in their lines so you
can rest assured you will get a healthy baby to love.
There are many beautiful lines out there I will not
purchase because of congenital unsoundnesses,
even tho they are very popular with other breeders.
This is my choice as a responsible ethical breeder not
to conform to what is winning in the show ring. Black
skin Disease, Thyroid issues, Patella issues, and
more sinister issues, lurk in this breed, but I choose
not to breed them for the "look, or title" of a dog.
We do not have many "show dogs" here at Heart To
Heart Pomeranian's' , not by a judges say anyway, but
all my dogs are Champions in my eyes because they
are well tempered, healthy and just a joy to play with
every day!
My dogs are my babies, my hobby, my sanctuary and
my eye candy so they must be the best they can be!
At this time we have chosen not to hit the ring
because I busy tending to my number one priority, MY
FAMILY. My dogs are included in my family and if I am
out showing I cant properly tend to them either!

We do not misrepresent our dogs,
a warning to all buyers about misrepresentation,
Just because a breeder may tell you that a dog/puppy
is show quality it remains to be seen as the puppy
grows in adulthood if it will turn out as a show dog. If
the dog has points acquired it is probably show
quality other than that, it is probably a "show
prospect" that may very well just turn into a pretty
pet! If you spend thousands on a "show dog" get it in
writing that the dog will be perfect and place in a
show ring. Otherwise don't waste your money!
Points and health speak volumes, all the rest is
probably a bunch of hype to get in your wallet!

I have never come across anyone that wants a show
dog as a pet. People want "the look" of a show dog,
which is a well bred dog with the attributes of the
breed standard, but most people are looking for a
good looking representation of the breed that they
can love and pamper as daily companions. The
general public is more interested in a beautiful puppy
comes with outstanding health and guarantee that the
dog will be healthy and sound...  For a life of love and
Health, temperament and soundness should be first
and foremost in any breeding program.

Are we a licenced kennel?
Since we are so small, we are not required have to
have a licence by our city.  WE are small Gibby
breeders and do this for the love of he breed! FYI,
puppy mills operate very legally under the USDA and
federal laws and county licences. This does not mean
they have good quality dogs or put much thought into
their breeding programs, or sadly, even love their
dogs!. A licenced kennel is also NOT required to do
health testing, we do that because we care about the
breed and we don't do this to make money to pay our
bill or feed our family. We do this because we LOVE
the dogs and want to promote the healthiest, best
representations of this breed that we can!
We think keeping it small and simple is best for all of
our lovely dogs and for our family.

I care very much about my dogs/puppies and where
they go. I do not sell my babies to just anyone, so be
prepared to tell me who you are and what your
intentions are when inquiring to purchase one of my
babies especially if you are interested in one of my
little darlings as a breeding prospect. I also care
about you my clients and I want you to get a beautiful,
healthy, well bred puppy and exactly what you are
looking for, no matter if this is your first puppy
venture, or you are patching a gaping hole left in your
heart from those special little paw prints left by a
beloved pet.
It is my job as a good ethical breeder to pair you with
a dog or puppy that fits your task and lifestyle.
I won't sell you a dog just because I have one for sale,
it may not be the right puppy or dog for you.

Be specific in telling me what you are looking for
when you call me, and I will do my best to make a
good match for your task and lifestyle.......
I have found this out myself, you get what you pay for
when you buy a dog. Cheap puppies come at a price,
even if not right up front. Dogs are not something to
buy on a whim or have as a status symbol, and not
only to be loved only while they are little & cute. With
a dog comes a lifetime of commitment, morally,
financially and emotionally & they should be no less
than part of your family, & treated with love &
affection,  there is nothing a dog will not do for you!
If your attitude is "It's only a dog!" You may want to
seek other avenues to find your pet because we want
only the best people for our fur kids! We are not
"snobs" but caring small hobby breeders seeking to
better the quality of life
between people and their animals!

Thank you, Lisa Wilson
Dedicated to the bettering of the Pomeranian breed ,
and better lives for dogs and their people everywhere!
Without God,
Nothing Is
I am Lisa Wilson,
proud owner of a small
hobby kennel called
Heart To Heart
Come in and learn a bit
about us and our dogs,
but first know
I truly believe that......