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Joshua nd I have been on quite a
journey in our lives. We have done
just about everything there is to
do in equine sports and we have
been in every terrain there is
except to the beach!
Joshua is a 3rd level dressage
horse and I was told when he was
a youngster that he would never
amount to anything, well they were
wrong! He has won saddles and
buckles in barrel racing and
ribbons upon ribbons western and
English pleasure and he will even
pull a buggy!
He has the best nature you could
ask for and has never bit, kicked
or been nasty to a human being.
There will never be another
Joshua in my life and I will always
love him for the good times we
have had together. I got Joshua
when I was 17 years old and I will
have him till the end! God willing.